Rudy Takes the (booby) Prize

If there were a prize for the person whose reputation was most damaged by Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani would win. Hands down . . . his pants.

You really can’t make up the stuff he is doing. It’s almost as if it was out of a satirical movie, like Borat. Oh wait.

  • While acting as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer he releases a video falsely claiming Trump won the election. That’s not the bad part. The bad part is that in the middle of his video he switches over to selling cigars.
  • He holds a press conference at the Four Seasons . . . not the hotel – the parking lot of a landscaping company. It was next to an an adult book store, which may have been why . . .
  • At the press conference, he trots out a convicted sex offender as a trusted witness to vote counting irregularities
  • Speaking of sex offenses, he gets caught lying on his bed with his hand down his pants as he chats up an underage girl

All of this is sad enough. But the real tragedy is that Giuliani probably has further to sink.

As Trump would say, sad.

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