Putin’s Pooch: Biden Bite Back #106

The word on the street is that Donald Trump is looking for a new nickname for Joe Biden. He thinks that ‘Sleepy Joe’ is losing its effectiveness.

Biden should preempt this move. He could simply announce: “I’d rather be Sleepy Joe than Putin’s Pooch.”


Biden Bite Back #105

Donald Trump loves rallies. They get his juices going. Nothing, including Covid-19, will keep him from scheduling more of them. Joe Biden can take advantage of this.

He should send a truck to wherever Trump holds a political gathering. It show up the morning after, or maybe two mornings after. It will be staffed with health professionals and offer free Covid-19 testing for anyone that went to Trump’s rally.

Even if no one shows up for the test, he will be making an effective point. It is the kind of thing Trump would have done if the tables were turned.

Police Arrest Unions

Unions in the United States have been losing ground for years. Recently, things have been looking a bit brighter due to union interest from millennials in the gig economy. Unfortunately, the cops could arrest that forward movement.

The police are one of the most heavily unionized sectors of the labor force. Their unions are powerful and fight to protect their members, including bad cops. The public, and especially millennials, never had much tolerance for bad cops. As it becomes apparent how many bad cops are still on the job because of their unions, the backlash is not going to be pretty.

The problem is not limited to to the police. Unions are strong in government workers, and every government worker can tell you about colleagues that should be fired but cannot be because of their union.

There is a lot of good unions can do in terms of working conditions, fair wages, health benefits, etc. But that is not what makes it into the news. Unless unions can figure out how to be on the ‘good’ side of getting rid of bad actors, their progress will be arrested and they will continue to decline.

Biden Bite Back #104

Joe Biden is inevitably being asked to comment on Donald Trump and racism. If he is smart, he will keep his mouth shut. When Biden opens his mouth, his foot often finds its way in. If Biden does decide to comment, he would be smart to take a page out of one of our posts last year.

“I can’t tell you whether Trump himself is a racist, but he certainly thinks he has a lot of racist supporters. Why else would he be using all of these white supremacist code words in his tweets? I would urge all Trump supporters that aren’t racists to tell him to knock it off.”

Trump’s Lincoln Moment

A century and a half ago, a Republican president presided over a country torn by civil war.  The trigger was a dispute over the rights of black people. Abraham Lincoln took office just as the war started. His presidency was a successful struggle to hold the United States together. History considers Lincoln one of the best presidents.

Today, another Republican president presides over a country divided. A full scale civil war has not broken out (yet), but wide scale civil unrest has, with the trigger again the rights of black people. Unlike Lincoln, Donald Trump was in office for years before the unrest started. His presidency has been a constant and successful effort to foster divisions between Americans.

How will history regard Trump?

He probably does not care.