Finally, Some Lies

It is less than two weeks before the US election and the mainstream media is finally starting to use the word “lie” with reference to Donald Trump. It only took four years.

Previously, the media only used euphemisms. “Falsehood”, “untruth”, “misspoke”, “incorrect”, etc. It’s no wonder respect for the media is so low.

It will be interesting to see if the ban on the ‘L word’ has finally been breached or whether this is just the media getting caught up in the election fever.

Especially if Trump wins.

The Third Debate – WHY?!

What is the upside for Joe Biden in showing up for the ‘third’ debate next week? The best outcome for him is that Donald Trump goes off the rails again. But Trump is smart enough to tone it down, so that is not likely. Even if it does, Trump already did the damage to himself in the first debate. How more can he do?

More likely is that Biden makes a gaffe or loses his cool. Trump will hammer false stories on Hunter Biden to trigger Biden’s temper. He will lie about his COVID strategy. He will lie about his environmental record as well as Obama’s. Biden will get frustrated at trying to correct the lies and lash out. And then he will look as bad a Trump.

Is Biden that much of a risk taker that he needs the debate?

Trump’s Family Affair: Biden Bite Back #110

Do you remember applying for your first job and needing a reference? You had to ask your family or close friends to vouch for you.

Why isn’t Joe Biden pointing out that Donald Trump is in the same place?

If you’re on Trump’s mailing list you are receiving at least a dozen emails a day during this election season. A good portion of them are from Trump’s family – Eric Trump, Don Trump Jr., Lara Trump. Same with the speakers at the Republican convention – there were six “featured” speakers named Trump or dating one of them.

Just another opportunity that Biden’s team is frittering away.

Election Night: Trump Declares Victory

Here’s how things are going to go on election night in the United States. As soon as the polls close, Donald Trump will declare victory. He probably won’t even wait for the polls to close.

It doesn’t matter what the exit poll results are or what the pundits predict. Trump will dare anyone – even FOX News – to contradict him. Some of his supporters will be out in the streets, armed, ready to defend his self-proclaimed victory.

It is going to be a dark and stormy night.

Trump Doubles Down. Again

The press still doesn’t get Donald Trump. He’ll say something outrageous and when challenged, he will reinforce whatever he said. The press will make that a headline: “Trump Doubles Down On . . . .”

Why is this news? When has Trump ever backed down? It’s as if the press is asking, “Can you believe the stuff this guy is saying?” Really? The real question is, “Can you believe the press is still falling for Trump’s moves?”

Trump’s goal is to dominate the headlines. Giving him a headline for doubling down on a previous outrageous statement just makes his job easier – he doesn’t have to come up with a new one.

This is all the evidence you need to see that the press is still Trump’s bitch.

Handling the Truth: Biden Bite Back #109

Most presidential campaigns generate a memorable one-liner. “Where’s the beef?”  “There you go again.”  “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Donald Trump uses nicknames instead of clever one-liners. Crooked Hillary. Sleepy Joe. Joe Biden can try a nickname on Trump, but he probably won’t. But he could come up with a one-liner. Why not call out Trump’s tendency to play fast and loose with the facts?

If someone asks him about one of Trump’s lies, Biden can simply respond, “He can’t handle the truth.”  If pressed he can add, “That’s why there’s few good men working for him.”

Postal Workers’ No-Win Options

US postal workers are in a bind. Donald Trump is afraid that voting by mail will faTrumpStampvor Democrats. So he installed a major supporter as the head of the post office. His objective: break the post office to cripple mail-in voting.

The strategy is working. Overtime for postal workers has been curtailed, hiring is frozen and mail in the US is suffering serious delays.

This leaves postal workers between a rock and a hard place. The only way to get rid of Trump’s person running the post office is for a new president to be elected. To help that happen, the mail will have to be delivered on time. But if they deliver the mail on time, the postal workers will be undermining their case for overtime and more employees.

No matter what you think of Trump, you have to him and his team credit for this move. One can argue that it is not fair to politicize the post office, but when has Trump ever played fair?

Trump Expects To Lose

The surest sign that Donald Trump thinks he will lose the election in November is his tweet about delaying it. Putting the idea out about postponing the election until after the covid crisis is over is an act of desperation. But Trump must see the momentum running against him, so desperate times call for desperate measures.

There are two problems with this.

  • If Trump starts rising in the polls (which he will because the race with inevitably tighten) he will conclude that desperate measures work, and he will try more of them.
  • If Trump’s polling numbers don’t improve he will conclude that his measures need to be even more desperate. Like encouraging civil unrest. Or worse.

Trump is a fighter. A cornered, desperate fighter can be very dangerous.

GOP ❤ Trump. Why?

One thing that is consistent in poll after poll: Donald Trump’s support among Republicans rarely drifts below 90%. The media reports this religiously. However, the media never reports on why.

Trump’s lowest approval rating from Republicans was about six months into his presidency, when it hit the high 70s several times. But that was it. Ever since he has been at at least 85%, usually above 90%.

The media talks about Trump playing to his base. But it appears that Trump’s ‘base’ is nearly every Republican. There are a few anti-Trump Republicans who are getting a lot of press, but they are clearly a very small minority.

Instead of focusing on them, it would be better if the media analyzed Trump’s support. It seems like the more Trump is attacked, the higher his ratings among Republicans. His opponents cannot understand how he can, in their view, mismanage things so badly and yet increase his support.

The media failed hugely in understanding and reporting on Trump’s support 4 years ago. It looks like it is on track to repeat the same mistake this year. No wonder they have a bad rap.

The Trump Test: Biden Bite Back #108

Donald Trump has been calling out Joe Biden on his mental abilities lately. In a recent Fox News interview, Trump boasted about his scores on a cognitive test and challenged Biden to take the same test. Biden should turn the challenge around.

Biden should prepare a list of 100 questions that the President should know. The questions should not be tricky or hard. Examples are the names of leaders of important countries. Whether certain countries are in NATO or other alliances. Names of cabinet members and what their departments are responsible for. Questions about the US constitution. All questions that Biden and any other politician in Washington should know the answers to off-hand.

Biden should then send the questions to the news media. He should invite them to pick 3-5 random questions from the list to ask Trump the next time he has a news conference. See how many he gets right.

Most likely, when asked a question from the list, Trump will just try to change the subject.