Trump’s Path to Re-Election

As of this writing, Donald Trump’s chances of being re-elected are pretty good. Nobody, including Michael Cohen, has disclosed anything new about him. Everyone knows that he’s ethically bankrupt, a liar, a serial philanderer and runs his business right on the edge of legality. None of that bothers his supporters.

A big part of the election result will depend on the economy and Trump is doing everything he can to goose it. There may be hell to pay down the road, but he will be out of office by then. Caring about the long term isn’t his style (except when it comes to his family).

Given a decent economy and Trump’s supporters’ ambivalence about his character flaws, it is hard to see how a Democrat can defeat him. Even if Robert Mueller finds that Trump colluded with the Russians, his supporters won’t care. They like Trump because he fights to win – of course he would take help from the Russians. Besides, the Russians weren’t the enemy, Hillary was.

It will take something much more egregious to shake Trump’s supporters confidence and make them stay home on election day. Something like Trump knowingly laundering drug or human trafficking money for the Russian mafia. Or him cavorting with underage girls with his friend Jeffery Epstein. Or pardoning Epstein.

Those are all longshots, as are the chances of a Democrat being elected president.


How To Get The Mueller Report

What if Attorney General Bob Barr decides not to release all of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report? The Democrats in Congress could try to subpoena it, but that will take forever in court challenges.

Instead, they should channel their inner Donald Trump.

When Trump was a candidate and Hillary Clinton’s emails went missing, Trump asked for help in finding them: “I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

So if the Mueller report can’t be found in the public domain, maybe the Democrats should ask if anyone can help locate it. The WikiLeaks and the Russians probably won’t assist, but others might.

Who should do the asking? Why Hillary Clinton, of course!

Trump Admits Failure (Almost)

Donald Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not go exactly to plan. Trump didn’t get the photo op or press he wanted and walked out. Even worse, he admitted that the summit was a failure.

Well, not quite in so many words. Trump never admits failure or mistakes. So he had to blame the failure on others. In this case, the Democrats. It was “a new low” that they had the audacity to schedule a hearing with Michael Cohen at the same time as the summit. They stole the media’s mind-share from him, an unforgivable sin.

During the two years that the Republicans controlled Congress, Trump had no problem blaming them for his legislative failures. Now that the Democrats control the House, there will be even more blame shift. The thing to remember though, is that every time Trump blames someone else for a failure, it is still a failure. He is probably going to rack up a lot more of them.