Biden Bite Back #103

During the election campaign, Donald Trump is sure to accuse Joe Biden (and his son Hunter) of corrupt business dealings. Biden can try to deny and defend, but he would be better off adopting Trump’s tactics: go on the offensive.

“All of the information about me (and Hunter) is public – look at it,” Biden can retort. “But with Trump, who knows where the money behind his projects really comes from? He won’t say. He’s friendly with the Russians. His bankers are being investigated for money laundering. Maybe that’s why he has something to hide.”

Biden Bite Back #102

Donald Trump has nicknames for everyone. Joe Biden is Sleepy Joe. Biden started calling Trump a clown, but one can’t use ‘clown’ all the time.

There is another nickname that Biden could use that would probably irritate Trump more than clown: third grade Donny. As in the guy who engages in third grade name calling. And a president who is not top level or even second level, but third grade.

It is pretty good bet that Trump hates being called Donny as well.

Let’s see if Biden can get creative.

Biden Bite Back #101

It is likely that Donald Trump or his agents will attack Joe Biden regarding the sexual assault alleged by Tara Reade. Biden’s response is simple: Look, you have over two dozen women accusing you of much worse. Why don’t we hear what they have to say? Oh, you made them sign an NDA? What are you afraid of?

Kushner: Kiss The Ring First

It is now official. President Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner made it so. Medical stockpiles are “ours.” Some might think “ours” might refer to the federal government. Technically, some might be correct. But practically, they could not be further from the truth. When Kushner said “ours” he meant the Trump family.

Kiss Trump’s ring and your state might get critical medical supplies from the stockpile. Ignore the ring and you will get nothing but insults on Twitter.

It is another great opportunity for a campaign advertisement that the Democrats are sure to blow.