Trump’s Family Affair: Biden Bite Back #110

Do you remember applying for your first job and needing a reference? You had to ask your family or close friends to vouch for you.

Why isn’t Joe Biden pointing out that Donald Trump is in the same place?

If you’re on Trump’s mailing list you are receiving at least a dozen emails a day during this election season. A good portion of them are from Trump’s family – Eric Trump, Don Trump Jr., Lara Trump. Same with the speakers at the Republican convention – there were six “featured” speakers named Trump or dating one of them.

Just another opportunity that Biden’s team is frittering away.

Election Night: Trump Declares Victory

Here’s how things are going to go on election night in the United States. As soon as the polls close, Donald Trump will declare victory. He probably won’t even wait for the polls to close.

It doesn’t matter what the exit poll results are or what the pundits predict. Trump will dare anyone – even FOX News – to contradict him. Some of his supporters will be out in the streets, armed, ready to defend his self-proclaimed victory.

It is going to be a dark and stormy night.