Kushner: Kiss The Ring First

It is now official. President Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner made it so. Medical stockpiles are “ours.” Some might think “ours” might refer to the federal government. Technically, some might be correct. But practically, they could not be further from the truth. When Kushner said “ours” he meant the Trump family.

Kiss Trump’s ring and your state might get critical medical supplies from the stockpile. Ignore the ring and you will get nothing but insults on Twitter.

It is another great opportunity for a campaign advertisement that the Democrats are sure to blow.

Trump’s Emolument Exit?

Let’s assume for a moment that the improbable happens and Donald Trump loses the presidential election in November. Other than pardoning all of his cronies, what else will he do before leaving office?

Most likely it will involve money. Trump will take advantage of his one last chance to drain more money out of the US taxpayers. Look for a lot of last minute long term government contracts for Trump, Inc. and his cronies’ companies. The new administration might try to unwind them, but good luck with that. They will be sued. The swamp will win.

Trump’s Nicknames

Donald Trump likes to ridicule opponents with nicknames. Lyin’ Ted Cruz. Mini Mike Bloomberg. Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren. He uses these nicknames because he thinks they are effective.

The reason he is convinced that they are effective is most likely personal experience. Trump went to a military academy for high school. He was either taunted there or taunted others. Probably both. He didn’t like it and when he saw how nicknames helped him bully others he got religion.

If his opponents were smart they would try to find a few people Trump grew up with. Ask them for the nicknames Trump was taunted with as a kid. Then use them against him or use them to negate his use of them.

But if they were smart enough to do that they would have done it already.

A WWE Primary Strategy

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump adopted a WWE strategy at one of his debates with Hillary Clinton. When Clinton had the microphone, Trump would leave his position at his podium and circle around behind Clinton, stalking her. Just like they do in World Wrestling Entertainment events. He not only stole her air time, he creeped her out.

The strategy worked well enough for Trump to try it again. Except this time it is on a higher level. The primaries this time around are about the Democrats – there is no challenge to Trump.

Nevertheless, he is swooping into the primary states just in time to steal the Democrats’ air time. His rallys are designed to unnerve them. As the Democratic field winnows, he will work harder to creep the winner(s) out. Unless the Dems start watching WrestleMania, it will probably work.