Trump’s Vampire Sons

A bit like vampires after their first taste of blood, Donald Trump’s sons have tasted power and it was love at first (sound) bite. Don Jr. and Eric have been out in front as stars of the Trump movement. They are determined to keep the adoration and attention going.

The problem is that they really aren’t in the same league as their father. For one thing, he’s had a lot more practice, seeking the limelight since the 1970s. For another thing, he’s a self-made media creature. They were born with silver microphones in their mouths.

It will be interesting to see how the younger Trumps leverage their ‘royal’ pedigrees. Somehow, Trump has the street cred to spread falsehoods and have people believe him. But it’s hard to imagine Don Jr. starting a birther rumor about Barack Obama and getting taken as seriously as his father was.

It won’t stop them from trying, though. Assuming they aren’t indicted first.

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