Biden Bite Back #111

How come Joe Biden doesn’t give the right wing Christians a hard time over Donald Trump’s covid approach? Especially Trump’s attitude toward masks. Mask don’t protect the person wearing them, they protect the people near the mask wearers.

Bay holding rallies without a mask requirement, isn’t Trump inviting his supporters to get other people sick? Is that really the Christian thing to do?

Finally, Some Lies

It is less than two weeks before the US election and the mainstream media is finally starting to use the word “lie” with reference to Donald Trump. It only took four years.

Previously, the media only used euphemisms. “Falsehood”, “untruth”, “misspoke”, “incorrect”, etc. It’s no wonder respect for the media is so low.

It will be interesting to see if the ban on the ‘L word’ has finally been breached or whether this is just the media getting caught up in the election fever.

Especially if Trump wins.

The Third Debate – WHY?!

What is the upside for Joe Biden in showing up for the ‘third’ debate next week? The best outcome for him is that Donald Trump goes off the rails again. But Trump is smart enough to tone it down, so that is not likely. Even if it does, Trump already did the damage to himself in the first debate. How more can he do?

More likely is that Biden makes a gaffe or loses his cool. Trump will hammer false stories on Hunter Biden to trigger Biden’s temper. He will lie about his COVID strategy. He will lie about his environmental record as well as Obama’s. Biden will get frustrated at trying to correct the lies and lash out. And then he will look as bad a Trump.

Is Biden that much of a risk taker that he needs the debate?