The College Gets an F

Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election results may have a silver lining. People are increasingly realizing that the United States’ Electoral College system is a massive fail.

This doesn’t mean it will tossed out. It gives some states disproportionate power to decide the presidency and they will never let that go. But what may happen is that some states’ funky methodologies for picking electors will be cleaned up.

Technically, some state legislators could potentially override the votes of their citizens. Nobody really understood that until Trump tried to take advantage of it.

Now they do, and maybe they will tighten things up.

Giuliani’s Comic Future

What does Rudy Giuliani do for his next job? Really, who would hire the guy who made Donald Trump’s legal strategy a clown show, complete with runny makeup?

Giuliani will try to get a gig as a political commentator, but it won’t last long Never mind that nobody on the right or left takes him seriously. The bigger problem is that he doesn’t televise well anymore. He’s painful to watch.

His only hope is to con some foreign country or organization that doesn’t know better to hire him as a lobbyist. Kind of like Uncle Duke in the Doonesbury comic strip.

A comic role for a clown. How appropriate.

Trump Gracious? Never

How could anyone really expect Donald Trump to accept his election failure? He has ever been a gracious loser? Why would he start now?

The media are on his case for continuing to fight the election results. Of course he’s doing this. Look at his career. He lies and bullies to get his way. It usually works. When it doesn’t and he ends up in court, he finally tells the truth and caves. He’s acting true to form.

Why is the media getting so worked up about it? It was entirely predictable. It is either that:

  • the media still have no idea how to cover Donald Trump
  • the media are looking for the ratings that ‘outrage’ brings

It’s probably both. Media, sad.

Rudy Takes the (booby) Prize

If there were a prize for the person whose reputation was most damaged by Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani would win. Hands down . . . his pants.

You really can’t make up the stuff he is doing. It’s almost as if it was out of a satirical movie, like Borat. Oh wait.

  • While acting as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer he releases a video falsely claiming Trump won the election. That’s not the bad part. The bad part is that in the middle of his video he switches over to selling cigars.
  • He holds a press conference at the Four Seasons . . . not the hotel – the parking lot of a landscaping company. It was next to an an adult book store, which may have been why . . .
  • At the press conference, he trots out a convicted sex offender as a trusted witness to vote counting irregularities
  • Speaking of sex offenses, he gets caught lying on his bed with his hand down his pants as he chats up an underage girl

All of this is sad enough. But the real tragedy is that Giuliani probably has further to sink.

As Trump would say, sad.

Trump’s Vampire Sons

A bit like vampires after their first taste of blood, Donald Trump’s sons have tasted power and it was love at first (sound) bite. Don Jr. and Eric have been out in front as stars of the Trump movement. They are determined to keep the adoration and attention going.

The problem is that they really aren’t in the same league as their father. For one thing, he’s had a lot more practice, seeking the limelight since the 1970s. For another thing, he’s a self-made media creature. They were born with silver microphones in their mouths.

It will be interesting to see how the younger Trumps leverage their ‘royal’ pedigrees. Somehow, Trump has the street cred to spread falsehoods and have people believe him. But it’s hard to imagine Don Jr. starting a birther rumor about Barack Obama and getting taken as seriously as his father was.

It won’t stop them from trying, though. Assuming they aren’t indicted first.

Why Trump Golfs

Things are not going well for Donald Trump. Covid is spiking, he lost the election and his legal challenges are failing. Trump hates losing so he’s turning to the one thing that he’s guaranteed to win at: golf.

It is not that Trump’s a great golfer. He isn’t. But he is a prolific golf cheater. Trump lies to himself as easily as he lies to everyone else. All he needs to do to get some of his winner mojo back is play a round of golf. The people he plays with know he’ll win by cheating and don’t complain.

So far.

The Kushners Panic

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are worried. Donald Trump can’t admit he lost the election and his tweets are increasing detached from reality. As he embraces his inner QAnon, “Jarvanka” are apparently panicked that his craziness will ruin what is left of their reputations.

Over the past few days ‘anonymous’ sources have leaked that both Jared and Ivanka have advised Trump to admit that he lost. It is a pretty sure bet that these sources are Jared and Ivanka. They want to be seen as the “sane ones” after the dust settles.

Unlike Trump offspring Don Jr. and Eric, most of Javanka’s business interests are outside of the Trump family company. It is doubtful that any US bank will ever finance a Trump project again. As Kushner runs a separate real estate company, he would like to make sure that he still has a chance for funding.

His story is going to be, “look, I had no choice but to go into the administration. I stayed away from the silliness and focused on real stuff like the middle eastern peace agreements. Don’t blame me. My wife and I were the voices of reason when Trump lost and tried to break everything on the way out.”

It just might work.

Flags For Biden?

It is time for Democrats to jump on the American flag bandwagon. For many years, it was mostly conservatives openly flying the flag. Joe Biden should call for all Americans to fly the flag as show of unity.

Democrats started to loose the flag in the 1960’s, when Vietnam war protesters defaced it and burned it. Somehow the right to deface the country’s flag became a free speech cause célèbre.

How could this be a winning issue? Liberal America clearly lost the plot.

What a better way for Biden to bring the country together than to make flying the flag a symbol of his new predidency?

Dying for Trump

Even if Joe Biden wins the presidency it will not negate the fact that more than 45% of the country is firmly in Donald Trump’s camp. And by firmly, I mean ready to die for him.

Trump held rallies in states with significant corona virus outbreaks. His supporters came to these rallies knowing they could be infected, and many of them did get sick. Some of them died. They figured it was worth the risk to cheer their hero on.

You would be hard pressed to find any Biden supporters that would risk a hangnail to cheer him on, never mind a deadly disease. Even Bernie Sanders’ supporters wouldn’t risk their health.

Say what you want about Trump, but he stirs a deep passion in his supporters.As long as they are only dangerous to themselves, things should be fine.