The Kushners Panic

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are worried. Donald Trump can’t admit he lost the election and his tweets are increasing detached from reality. As he embraces his inner QAnon, “Jarvanka” are apparently panicked that his craziness will ruin what is left of their reputations.

Over the past few days ‘anonymous’ sources have leaked that both Jared and Ivanka have advised Trump to admit that he lost. It is a pretty sure bet that these sources are Jared and Ivanka. They want to be seen as the “sane ones” after the dust settles.

Unlike Trump offspring Don Jr. and Eric, most of Javanka’s business interests are outside of the Trump family company. It is doubtful that any US bank will ever finance a Trump project again. As Kushner runs a separate real estate company, he would like to make sure that he still has a chance for funding.

His story is going to be, “look, I had no choice but to go into the administration. I stayed away from the silliness and focused on real stuff like the middle eastern peace agreements. Don’t blame me. My wife and I were the voices of reason when Trump lost and tried to break everything on the way out.”

It just might work.

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