Pssst: Wanna Genuine Middle Class Tax Cut?

Donald Trump recently proposed a new tax cut for the middle class. The pundits have noted that he did this because the big tax cut that the Republicans passed last year does not seem to be resonating with the voters, at least the middle class ones.

They are missing the point.

Trump is openly admitting that last year’s tax cut was really for the corporations and the wealthy.

It should be an easy point for the Democrats to make. “Hey middle class, Trump promised you a tax cut but pulled a bait and switch. He admits it. Listen to him. Now he says he’ll make it up to you with another “middle class” tax cut. He’s hoping you’ll fall for the bait and switch again so he and the wealthy can do more to help their kids at the expense of yours.”

Will the inept Dems, who are sliding in the polls, figure that message out? Not likely.

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