Rudy in Rehab

At some point, Donald Trump will be out of office and Rudy Giuliani will probably be out of a job. His clownish antics are working to keep Trump’s legal fight in the news, which is helping Trump raise oodles of money.

But Rudy isn’t winning, and Trump really hates losing. Rudy is a useful clown right now, but Trump could easily turn on him and blame him for his legal failures.

Where does Rudy go at that point? Isn’t it obvious? To rehab.

How else will Rudy explain fart-y hearings, sweaty, runny hair dye press conferences and all around legal incoherence? He must have been on something. Who knows what drugs he’s been taking, but they will be good ones.

Americans love a rehab turn-around story. “Rudy Recovery” could be a hit.

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