Police Arrest Unions

Unions in the United States have been losing ground for years. Recently, things have been looking a bit brighter due to union interest from millennials in the gig economy. Unfortunately, the cops could arrest that forward movement.

The police are one of the most heavily unionized sectors of the labor force. Their unions are powerful and fight to protect their members, including bad cops. The public, and especially millennials, never had much tolerance for bad cops. As it becomes apparent how many bad cops are still on the job because of their unions, the backlash is not going to be pretty.

The problem is not limited to to the police. Unions are strong in government workers, and every government worker can tell you about colleagues that should be fired but cannot be because of their union.

There is a lot of good unions can do in terms of working conditions, fair wages, health benefits, etc. But that is not what makes it into the news. Unless unions can figure out how to be on the ‘good’ side of getting rid of bad actors, their progress will be arrested and they will continue to decline.

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