Is Trump A Racist?

It seems like every few months Donald Trump says or does something that is labelled ‘racist’. This leads to people calling Trump racist and him denying it, which accomplishes nothing. And then we wait a few months for the next incident.

The thing is, everyone is missing the point.  The issue is not whether Donald Trump is racist. The issue is whether Donald Trump thinks that his supporters are racists.

We know that everything Trump says and does is calculated at keeping the support of his base. If he says racist things, it must be because he thinks his base wants to hear those kinds of things. Because he thinks they are racists.

So the next time a reporter asks one of the Democrats if they think Trump is a racists, they should turn the tables and answer, “I’m not sure, but it is pretty clear that he thinks his supporters are. Which is kind of an insult to them, don’t you think?”

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