Hillary – The Gift That Keeps Giving

Like a bad penny, she keeps turning up. Hillary Clinton just won’t go away (we’ve noted this before). She has been in the news the past few weeks bashing Bernie Sanders. We get it – she is pissed at him for his lukewarm support four years ago and revenge is a dish best service cold.

While it may feel good to be back in the public eye bashing Bernie, it doesn’t reflect well on Clinton. Every time she opens her mouth she hurts her party. She gives Donald Trump the opportunity to run against her once again and remind people why they didn’t vote for the Democrats in 2016.

The not so ironic thing is that everything she is blaming Bernie for is now actually on her. Just like she was waiting for Bernie’s enthusiastic endorsement, the current pack of Democratic candidates are waiting for her to shut up and take a vacation.

They could be waiting for a long time.

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