Hillary – The Gift That Keeps Giving

Like a bad penny, she keeps turning up. Hillary Clinton just won’t go away (we’ve noted this before). She has been in the news the past few weeks bashing Bernie Sanders. We get it – she is pissed at him for his lukewarm support four years ago and revenge is a dish best service cold.

While it may feel good to be back in the public eye bashing Bernie, it doesn’t reflect well on Clinton. Every time she opens her mouth she hurts her party. She gives Donald Trump the opportunity to run against her once again and remind people why they didn’t vote for the Democrats in 2016.

The not so ironic thing is that everything she is blaming Bernie for is now actually on her. Just like she was waiting for Bernie’s enthusiastic endorsement, the current pack of Democratic candidates are waiting for her to shut up and take a vacation.

They could be waiting for a long time.

Bloomberg Wins Iowa

He wasn’t campaigning there, but Michael Bloomberg won the Iowa caucus. No one scored a knock out victory. This leaves the door wide open for Bloomberg. In fact, it could not have worked out better.

Nationally,  he polls just behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Pete Buttigieg did well in Iowa and might do well in New Hampshire,  but he has no support among minorities. After Super Tuesday, it could well turn out to be a Bernie / Bloomberg Battle.

If they can keep from criticizing each other too hard, they might even be able to team up. Bernie for president, Bloomberg for VP. Wouldn’t that be interesting . . .

Bernie + AOC = ?

Stuck in Washington at the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders has sent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez off to Iowa to campaign for him. The results could be interesting.

While many Iowa voters have yet to make up their minds and the polling is fluid, Sanders is nonetheless on an upswing. Based on current polling, he is expected to do well at the caucuses that will be held in less than two weeks. The operative word here is ‘expected’. It is all about meeting or beating expectations.

If Sanders does not do well, AOC will take some of the blame. Conversely, if he does better than expected, she will be credited. Pretty much any way you look at it, she has tied her reputation to Sanders’ Iowa performance, even though she will have only spent a week there.


Dems Lack A Star Campaigner. Sad

The 2018 campaign is almost over and no matter who wins or looses this week, one thing is abundantly clear. No one comes even close to matching Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

For the past several weeks, Trump has been able to command an incredible amount of  press coverage while crowding out anyone from the Democratic side. Yes, Barak Obama got some press, as did Bernie Saunders. And two-time loser Hillary Clinton is still kicking around and acting like she has a political future, which is catnip to the press.

But no one can put out a message on the campaign trail like Trump. Quite frankly, the Republicans are going have to think about lifting the ‘Great Communicator’ mantle from Ronald Reagan and giving it to Trump instead.

For the Dems to have any chance in 2020 they are going to have to find people that can take campaigning to a higher level. Maybe not at the Trump level, but at least close.

Why Hillary Won’t Go Away

Hillary Clinton continues to be in the news once a week. And, unlike her husband, it is not for humanitarian or charitable reasons. No, Hillary continues to be in the thick of it politically.

The question is why. She is an accomplished policy wonk, but a failure as a politician. Sure she won election as a senator from New York in the afterglow of her husband’s presidency, but that was really his victory, not hers, as he was still president when the election took place.

On her own, she is a political disaster. She lost the race for the 2008 Democratic nomination to Barak Obama. She lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump. Both times, she snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Nevertheless, Hillary persists in the political arena (sorry, couldn’t resist). Why? Possibly because her ego won’t let her stand down. Or because Donald Trump keeps bringing her up to deflect from his own issues. Or because the media knows a juicy story and won’t leave her alone.

The biggest reason, however, is that a year after the election the Democrats don’t have any new leaders. Bernie Sanders was never a Democrat in the first place, and quickly moved back to his own path after the election. Nancy Pelosi is a great political operative but is completely tainted politically as a far left liberal. Chuck Schumer is the closest the Dems have to a leader, but he has been in Congress for 35 years and in the Senate for 20 and is old news.

Until the Democrats get some new leaders, the spotlight will default back to Hillary. Which is unfortunate for the Democrats, because she is not doing them any favors.