Who Was That Contractor, Anyway?

On Friday, December 27, 2019 rockets hit an Iraqi airbase and killed a US civilian. The chain of events that this set off continues to escalate almost daily.

  • Two days later the US retaliated by launching airstrikes in Iraq that killed 25 members of a Iran-backed militia.
  • Two more days later thousands of Iraqis protested the airstrikes by storming the US embassy in Baghdad.
  •  Another three days passed and the US retaliated further by killing one of Iran’s top generals when he arrived in Iraq, along with several others.

The Iranians have threatened their own retaliation, but then they scored an own goal by mistakenly shooting down a civilian airliner, so that won’t happen for a while, if ever.

All of this because one US civilian was killed. The news reports called him a ‘contractor’ but did not disclose what this person’s job was or who they worked for. Was the person a mercenary doing dirty work for the US military? Was the company they worked for a big contributor to Trump or the Republicans? Was Rudy Giuliani involved somehow?

This information will come out eventually. When it does, it will likely be very interesting.

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