Trump’s Lucky Iran Break

How lucky can you get? An Iranian backed militia kills a US citizen in Iraq. Donald Trump slaps them. The other side hits back.  The US gets serious and kills a top Iranian general. Everybody is waiting see what the Iranians do to retaliate. But before they can do anything, they shoot themselves in the foot.

Well, not exactly the foot. The Iranians shoot down a Ukrainian airliner with a bunch of their own citizens on board. Iranians that were angry at Trump for killing their general are now angry at their generals for killing Iranians. The generals can’t blame this on Trump – instead, they pretty much have to admit being criminally inept.

What a cruel own-goal for the Iranians. What a lucky break for Trump. He should go buy a lottery ticket. Oh, wait, nevermind, he’s a billionaire – he doesn’t need the money.

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