Biden Bite Back #104

Joe Biden is inevitably being asked to comment on Donald Trump and racism. If he is smart, he will keep his mouth shut. When Biden opens his mouth, his foot often finds its way in. If Biden does decide to comment, he would be smart to take a page out of one of our posts last year.

“I can’t tell you whether Trump himself is a racist, but he certainly thinks he has a lot of racist supporters. Why else would he be using all of these white supremacist code words in his tweets? I would urge all Trump supporters that aren’t racists to tell him to knock it off.”

Is Trump A Racist?

It seems like every few months Donald Trump says or does something that is labelled ‘racist’. This leads to people calling Trump racist and him denying it, which accomplishes nothing. And then we wait a few months for the next incident.

The thing is, everyone is missing the point.  The issue is not whether Donald Trump is racist. The issue is whether Donald Trump thinks that his supporters are racists.

We know that everything Trump says and does is calculated at keeping the support of his base. If he says racist things, it must be because he thinks his base wants to hear those kinds of things. Because he thinks they are racists.

So the next time a reporter asks one of the Democrats if they think Trump is a racists, they should turn the tables and answer, “I’m not sure, but it is pretty clear that he thinks his supporters are. Which is kind of an insult to them, don’t you think?”

Who’s A Racist?

Donald Trump doesn’t consider himself a racist, and by his definition he is probably correct. Trump’s picture of a racist is someone that belongs to the KKK, looks for black people to harass or worse and tells bigoted jokes regularly. Since none of those apply to him, he is therefore not a racist. Heck, he even has a black person in his cabinet.

Trump’s views of minorities and have-nots were probably shaped during the months that he worked on crews in his father’s construction business. His roll models were blue collar, working class white men. They likely held a hard day’s work in high esteem, welfare and handouts in low esteem, ogled the ladies and had little use for affirmative action and similar programs, especially they negatively impacted their job eligibility.

Trump understands these guys and knows how to communicate with them, which is why he won the election. Few of these men, if any, considered themselves racist and neither does Trump. Sure, some of these guys are prejudiced, but in Trump’s experience their hearts are good, which is why he makes excuses for them.

As far as Trump is concerned, there shouldn’t be any question that Haiti is a shithole. It’s full of slums and the closest thing the Western Hemisphere has to a failed state, right? Too bad he is ignorantly oblivious to how prejudiced he sounds when he calls black countries shitholes.

And therein lies the truth. Trump is not a racist. He is a clueless bigot.