Little Donald’s Schoolyard Behavior

Donald Trump’s inner child is emerging in full force. He is exhibiting all of the qualities that you see in young children.

“I know you are, but what am I?” – If you call me something like a liar I will call you the same thing back

“That’s shiny, I want it. Give it to me.” – If I am attracted to a woman I will grab her and kiss her.

“This game isn’t fair” – If the Emmy’s, election, etc. go against me it means they were rigged.

These are not exactly qualities that you want in a president, although they are probably present in a number of politicians, just not as forefront. But for Trump, they present a different sort of problem. His supporters are very familiar with this type of behavior and I don’t think they particularly like it.

Trump’s supporters want to see him stick it to the system. They like that he has f-you money and can say whatever he pleases. For example, calling other politicians liars, which of course is true – what politician is not a liar?

But Trump’s supporters want him to represent well as he challenges the system. When he calls Hillary Clinton out for her attitude towards women just after he is accused of sexual assault, it sounds like a schoolyard tiff.

And while many of Trump’s supporters might like to think that it would be great to be irresistible to women, I suspect that they are starting to perceive the difference between acting like a four year old and grabbing any woman they fancy and being the big man and having the women just roll on up to them seductively.

Now he is complaining the game is rigged. His supporters know this tune. They have been stuffed by the system and understand that it is not always fair. But Donald Trump was supposed to be the big man who knew the system, the insider who knew how to work it to his benefit. Look at how he won the Republican nomination. What a player.

With his whining about things being rigged, he is telling his supporters that he isn’t that guy. He can’t beat the system. His fingers aren’t that long after all. It has got to be pretty disappointing to them.