Associate Justice Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump a few weeks ago and conservative commentator Glen Beck was beside himself. He had Cruz on his show and asked him why he changed his mind. Cruz really could not give him a satisfactory answer and Beck kept hammering him. Finally, Cruz said that he changed his mind when Trump added Senator Mike Lee to his list of potential Supreme Court nominees to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat. Lee is a friend and supporter of Cruz.

Trump fancies himself a dealmaker, so one suspects that he made one with Cruz, especially since Cruz also made his donor list available to Trump. Maybe there is another new name on Trump’s Supreme Court list that we have not heard about: Ted Cruz. Whatever the deal was between Cruz and Trump, it had to be something very compelling for Cruz, because just 14 days after the endorsement, CNN released the tape where Trump bragged about harassing women and got a lot of bad press. Despite this, Cruz would not back off of his commitment to Donald Trump.

But considering that Cruz has called Trump a ‘sociopathic liar’ I’m not sure any deal that Cruz did with him is all that solid.