Where’s Bernie?

Maybe Hillary Clinton will get a small bump in the polls after yesterday’s debate and maybe she won’t. Either way the candidates are likely to remain neck and neck until election day. If Clinton is to win, she will need the help of a big segment of voters that are not all that enthusiastic about her: Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

Bernie said he would campaign for Hillary but he is not making any headlines doing so. One reporter had to chase him into an elevator where Bernie finally said that he would be campaigning “as hard as I can” for her.

But there really is not a lot of evidence for this. Bernie is talking to the political press and saying the right things, but none of his supporters pay any attention to that. Is he organizing rallies? Is he spending a lot of time on the road? During the debates he posted a “sad Bernie” selfie that made him the center of attention and his wife tweeted an message that could be interpreted as Bernie suggesting that his supporters vote their conscience.

There is one school of thought that says that Sanders should work really hard to help push Clinton over the top because if she wins, she will owe him and he and his movement will gain influence in her administration and the Democratic party.

If he does not work hard and she still wins, he won’t be owed a thing and that will not be good for his movement.

On the other hand, Bernie may feel that the only thing that will really propel his movement into power is the popular backlash that would come if Donald Trump were elected president. This might be true, but he would be setting the country up for four years of what he considers to be awful government to get that. And in four years, Bernie will be 79 years old.

If he does push as hard as he can and she wins, maybe he can negotiate for Secretary of Commerce or Treasury. That would be interesting!