Clinton’s Fact Checker: Idea▲, Execution▼

During the debate Monday night Hillary Clinton told the viewing audience that she had set up her web site to fact check Donald Trump’s assertions in real time. Good idea, although it does not seem like anyone expects Donald Trump’s pronouncements to actually be factual. The bar he is being held to is that his ‘facts’ need to make a great sound bite, not actually be true.

In any event, if you bothered to check out her website during the debate you would have been greeted by a splash screen asking you to provide your email address and join her campaign. It was only after you studied the page for a minute or two that you would figure out that you could enter the site by clicking on the stylized ‘H’ in the upper left corner. One more click and you finally got to the fact checking page.

What kind of overpriced nincompoop consultant designed that navigation?

Why not have the fact check page be the splash screen during the debate?

Why make it hard on people?

The answer is that her campaign is probably run by a committee, and no one had the authority to use a little common sense.