Trump Gracious? Never

How could anyone really expect Donald Trump to accept his election failure? He has ever been a gracious loser? Why would he start now?

The media are on his case for continuing to fight the election results. Of course he’s doing this. Look at his career. He lies and bullies to get his way. It usually works. When it doesn’t and he ends up in court, he finally tells the truth and caves. He’s acting true to form.

Why is the media getting so worked up about it? It was entirely predictable. It is either that:

  • the media still have no idea how to cover Donald Trump
  • the media are looking for the ratings that ‘outrage’ brings

It’s probably both. Media, sad.

Trump Doubles Down. Again

The press still doesn’t get Donald Trump. He’ll say something outrageous and when challenged, he will reinforce whatever he said. The press will make that a headline: “Trump Doubles Down On . . . .”

Why is this news? When has Trump ever backed down? It’s as if the press is asking, “Can you believe the stuff this guy is saying?” Really? The real question is, “Can you believe the press is still falling for Trump’s moves?”

Trump’s goal is to dominate the headlines. Giving him a headline for doubling down on a previous outrageous statement just makes his job easier – he doesn’t have to come up with a new one.

This is all the evidence you need to see that the press is still Trump’s bitch.

GOP ❤ Trump. Why?

One thing that is consistent in poll after poll: Donald Trump’s support among Republicans rarely drifts below 90%. The media reports this religiously. However, the media never reports on why.

Trump’s lowest approval rating from Republicans was about six months into his presidency, when it hit the high 70s several times. But that was it. Ever since he has been at at least 85%, usually above 90%.

The media talks about Trump playing to his base. But it appears that Trump’s ‘base’ is nearly every Republican. There are a few anti-Trump Republicans who are getting a lot of press, but they are clearly a very small minority.

Instead of focusing on them, it would be better if the media analyzed Trump’s support. It seems like the more Trump is attacked, the higher his ratings among Republicans. His opponents cannot understand how he can, in their view, mismanage things so badly and yet increase his support.

The media failed hugely in understanding and reporting on Trump’s support 4 years ago. It looks like it is on track to repeat the same mistake this year. No wonder they have a bad rap.

Media Faces Up To Trump’s Lying

Over the past week or so we’ve seen a real turnaround in the mainstream media. They are using the word ‘lie’ to describe Donald Trump’s pronouncements. As in “Donald Trump Is Lyin’ Up a Storm” (New York Times) and “Trump’s Lies Are Becoming Exponentially More Brazen” (Vanity Fair) or simply “Donald Trump Lies.” (CNN).

This is new. Until now, the media used words like “misstatements” and “falsehoods” to describe the President’s lies. For organizations that consider themselves objective reporters of the facts, it is amazing that it has taken them this long to call Trump a liar. He’s been lying all along.

Trump does it because it works. So why shouldn’t he? His opponents tear their hair out when he lies, and Trump and his supporters love watching them go nuts trying to prove that he’s wrong. It is like watching an old Saturday Night Live sketch of Jon Lovitz’ pathological liar. If you were in on the joke it was hilarious, and Trump’s supporters are definitely in on the joke.

The only time Trump doesn’t lie is when he is testifying in court. Which he did sometimes in his business career, but the truth is that he mostly settled legal challenges outside of court so he wouldn’t have to go under oath and tell the truth. And now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, the chances of Trump having to testify under oath for the remainder of his presidency are very slim. And that’s no lie.


Trump Tweets – Media SQUIRREL!

Donald Trump continues his mastery over the media. Whenever he gets in a bad spot he ‘squirrels’ the media and sends them chasing after a sensationalist but squirrelrelatively meaningless story to get himself out of trouble.

Obamacare repeal fails (again)? No problem – toss out a tweet on NFL players disrespecting the flag and the military. Oh look, everyone is following that story now.

Federal help to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico is late, inept and inadequate? Pick a Twitter fight with a local politician so the press will chase that story instead.

It is simply amazing that almost a year after the election the political media has not figured out how to report on Trump’s tweets without being manipulated by them. Trump brought profound changes American politics – it remains to be seen whether the media will be able to adapt. So far, it does not look good.


Trump’s Media Smackdown

Donald Trump’s recent tweet of himself taking down CNN WWE-style has elicited a gaggle of news stories about how Trump has been modeling WWE fighters. But, as is the case too often lately, the media has the story wrong.

The story isn’t that Trump is using WWE tactics in politics. The real story is that the media has not figured this out until now even though it has been going on for a year. Why? Because the media are elites and have lost touch with the a large portion of America. For instance, the portion that makes WWE one of the top rated shows on cable TV. Have any of the national media even seen a WWE show or event?

Trump supporters know this. They can tell that the media has no clue about their interests, their lives and their daily struggles. Which is why they distrust the media. Meanwhile the media, which often reports on the very poor but hardly ever on the middle class, cannot understand where Trump’s support comes from.

Instead, they ought to be trying to figure out why Trump supporters would trust media that is so out of touch that it couldn’t figure out that Trump has been borrowing from the WWE (especially after he appointed the ex-CEO to his administration).