Don’t Bank on Trump

Yesterday the bankers who lent money to Trump Inc. resigned, or more likely, were allowed to resign. The bank they worked for has not enjoyed the spotlight that comes with financing Trump. It will probably jettison him as a client as soon as possible (he still owes the bank over $300 million).

There probably aren’t any other mainstream banks that want anything to do with Trump’s businesses. So he will have to look for other sources of financing. Most likely private investors and/or banks from countries in the Middle East, Russia and China. Lenders that will be pleased to have Trump owe them big money.

Especially if he or his kids stay in politics. And don’t look to closely at how the money was laundered sourced.

Did Trump Just Fold?

Just asking because his fundraising has slowed down. He used to send 15+ emails a day asking for money. But in the past few days it has fallen to just one or two.

The old saying is, “follow the money,” and in Donald Trump’s case that is especially true. Trump may have folded in terms of the 2020 presidential election and his “stop the steal” campaign but there is no way that he is done tapping into his supporters’ money tree.

The question is whether his next campaign focuses on helping other Republicans or just moves right into the 2024 election, keeping the spotlight on himself.

My guess is it’s primarily the latter. Unless one of his kids decides to run for office . . .

The Hangover, Part D

The country is about to have a massive hangover. It’s been on a 5 year stimulation binge, fueled by non-stop tweets and righteous outrage from the left and right. The tweeter-in-chief will keep it up once out of office, but the media coverage and shit-stirring will (hopefully) drop down a notch.

Binge drink for a night and you wake up with a hangover. Binge on tweet-crack for 5 years and you end up with the shakes, or worse.

Fortunately, there is already a name for the condition that is associated with withdrawal from 24×7 Donald Trump.

I suppose you could just call it the DTs.

Voting Twice For Trump

Many of Donald Trump’s supporters voted for him twice. Without cheating. First they supported him with their ballots. Then they supported him with their checkbooks.

Trump has sent out over 400 fundraising emails since the election. “Help me defend this election and democracy.” They’re working – he’s hauling in the cash.

As usual, the mainstream media is missing the story. The media seems obsessed with reporting on how dimwitted Trump supporters are. The media writes stories about how they are being duped – the fine print gives Trump the right to use most of the money any way he wants, not just to challenge the election results.

The truth is that they are not being duped. They don’t really care how Trump uses the money, they just don’t want him to go away. They send money to show their support for him. Another vote for Trump.

The story the media should be covering is how many people still fervently support Trump even though he lost. But the media never understood Trump supporters and prefers to think of them as the ignorant white working class.

Isn’t it time for the media get it head out of its elitist arse and do its job?

Rudy in Rehab

At some point, Donald Trump will be out of office and Rudy Giuliani will probably be out of a job. His clownish antics are working to keep Trump’s legal fight in the news, which is helping Trump raise oodles of money.

But Rudy isn’t winning, and Trump really hates losing. Rudy is a useful clown right now, but Trump could easily turn on him and blame him for his legal failures.

Where does Rudy go at that point? Isn’t it obvious? To rehab.

How else will Rudy explain fart-y hearings, sweaty, runny hair dye press conferences and all around legal incoherence? He must have been on something. Who knows what drugs he’s been taking, but they will be good ones.

Americans love a rehab turn-around story. “Rudy Recovery” could be a hit.

The College Gets an F

Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election results may have a silver lining. People are increasingly realizing that the United States’ Electoral College system is a massive fail.

This doesn’t mean it will tossed out. It gives some states disproportionate power to decide the presidency and they will never let that go. But what may happen is that some states’ funky methodologies for picking electors will be cleaned up.

Technically, some state legislators could potentially override the votes of their citizens. Nobody really understood that until Trump tried to take advantage of it.

Now they do, and maybe they will tighten things up.

Giuliani’s Comic Future

What does Rudy Giuliani do for his next job? Really, who would hire the guy who made Donald Trump’s legal strategy a clown show, complete with runny makeup?

Giuliani will try to get a gig as a political commentator, but it won’t last long Never mind that nobody on the right or left takes him seriously. The bigger problem is that he doesn’t televise well anymore. He’s painful to watch.

His only hope is to con some foreign country or organization that doesn’t know better to hire him as a lobbyist. Kind of like Uncle Duke in the Doonesbury comic strip.

A comic role for a clown. How appropriate.

Trump Gracious? Never

How could anyone really expect Donald Trump to accept his election failure? He has ever been a gracious loser? Why would he start now?

The media are on his case for continuing to fight the election results. Of course he’s doing this. Look at his career. He lies and bullies to get his way. It usually works. When it doesn’t and he ends up in court, he finally tells the truth and caves. He’s acting true to form.

Why is the media getting so worked up about it? It was entirely predictable. It is either that:

  • the media still have no idea how to cover Donald Trump
  • the media are looking for the ratings that ‘outrage’ brings

It’s probably both. Media, sad.