Stone: Trump’s Supreme F-U

It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump pardoned his political advisor Roger Stone yesterday. Trump is a fighter. When someone hits him, he hits back harder.

The day before the Stone pardon, the Supreme Court ruled that Trump was not above the law. So Trump hit back with, “I don’t care about the law. I’m pardoning a convicted felon because he’s on my team and I don’t think the law gave him a fair shake.”

Besides, Trump needs Stone’s political expertise right now. He is in the middle of a challenging election and Stone is a very accomplished political fighter. His approach of “admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack” is perfectly aligned with Trump’s.

Take that, Supremes.



One thought on “Stone: Trump’s Supreme F-U

  1. I think you could drop “…I don’t think the law gave him a fair shake.” I don’t think it figures in his reasoning. He couldn’t care less about the law. This is about proving that he can do anything he wants, and has absolute power absolutely. And I don’t think nk he even cares about having Stone on his team. At best Stone is a ‘nice to have’ but mainly because it will piss off so many people.


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