Drain The Swamp II

When he was running for president in 2016 Donald Trump enjoyed using the phrase “drain the swamp.” He would yell it out it at rallies and the crowd would echo it back to him even louder.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Democrats’ strategy is to use the impeachment to demonstrate how much more swampy things have become since Trump took over. Their strategy is to smear swam ooze all over the the Republican senators.

The Democrats are trying to show that these senators are slimy by refusing to allow witnesses and evidence in his Senate trial. Complicit in his cover up, they are Trumps’ swamp creatures.

For the Democrats, it really doesn’t matter if trial is quick and acquits Trump. They just want their candidates on the campaign trail this summer to be able to point at the incumbent Republican senators and yell, “drain the swamp.”

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