The Truth About Trump’s Taxes

The Democrats want to take a look at Donald Trump’s taxes. What are they going to find that we don’t already know?

We already know that Trump doesn’t pay a lot of taxes. He says this makes him smart, and you know what? It does. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of the tax code and its loopholes?

The tax returns might also show that Trump is not as wealthy as he claims to be. But we already know this as well. The fact that Donald Trump exaggerates his wealth, hand size or whatever when it suits him is not going to shock anyone.

So why is Trump fighting so hard to keep his taxes private? One reason is ego – he doesn’t want to have to admit that he exaggerates his wealth. But there is probably a bigger reason.

Trump’s tax returns likely contain a whole bunch of information about who he is doing business with. His partnerships are probably with obscure off shore entities, but some journalist is eventually going to figure out who is behind them.

When the world sees who Trump is doing business with it is not going to look good for him. Nor will it be good for Trump’s business partners. None of them will appreciate being in the spotlight.

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