Kavanaugh: It’s The Clintons. Again

Brett Kavanaugh fell back on the reliable right wing boogieman last week. He blamed his troubles on the Clintons.

The fact that women are coming out of the woodwork and accusing him of sexual harassment and worse is “a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled with . . . revenge on behalf of the Clintons.”

Revenge for what? He didn’t specify, but he was on the team that successfully got Bill Clinton impeached for lying about sex with Monica Lewinsky.

But why would anyone carry the Clintons’ load and take revenge on their behalf? Did Diane Feinstein really wait 20 years since Bill’s impeachment to go after one of the lawyers that got him?

No, this is what psychologists call projection. Kavanaugh projected his own issues onto the Democrats. Most likely, it is Kavanaugh that has been waiting 20 years to get revenge on the Clintons. Revenge on Bill for staying in office despite Kavanaugh’s best efforts to boot him out. Revenge on Hillary for, well, whatever. When you are mentally unhinged, who needs a reason?

And that is the main reason that Kavanaugh doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court. He revealed himself to be politically motivated and short fused. Not the kind of person one would want as the swing vote on the highest court in the land.


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