Trump Immune To #metoo

It remains to be seen how much influence #metoo will have. It’s one thing to bring down a few heavy hitters, like Harvey Weinstein. But if hundreds of influential people are tarred with the #metoo brush then the effect will be diluted to just another bad character trait, and harassers will be tolerated just like jackass are.

One thing we already know for sure though. Donald Trump is immune from #metoo. He was probably never very vulnerable to it, but when he boasted about be able to “Grab (women he did not know) by the p—y” to Billy Bush and got elected anyway he effectively vaccinated himself against any further charges of sexual harassment.

If #metoo brings down politicians, don’t look for Trump to defend them though. He is smart enough to realize that doing so won’t reflect well on him. And if it brings down Republicans that aren’t devoutly loyal to him, even better.

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