Don’t Ever Forget, Trump’s A Fighter

When asked what he admired most about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump responded, “She’s a fighter”. It is really the quality Trump admires most about himself (psychology calls that ‘projection’).

There are many people, primarily Trump opponents, who believe that if he is confronted with a terrible scandal or starkly contrary facts that he will back down and reverse position. They are completely and utterly mistaken.

Donald Trump will never back down. He was recorded talking about groping women but did not back down. Pictures of his inauguration crowd showed it smaller than Barak Obama’s, but that is just an ‘alternative fact’. Backing down is just not in his nature.

There are two possible exceptions. Going to jail or losing a lot of money. But these are debatable.

So looking forward to when and if Congress and/or the special prosecutor implicate Trump with regard to collusion with Russia, financial conflicts of interest or anything else, Trump will fight back with everything he has.

That will include mobilizing his base. There will be demonstrations in his favor. They won’t be as large as the ones against him, but that won’t be the point. The point of the Trump demonstrations will be to show the country what kind of social unrest might happen if it doesn’t back off.

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