Misdirection and Media Manipulation

The media continues to have a hard time with Donald Trump. Like a magician doing card tricks, he manipulates the media into focusing on trivia instead of the more important thing he is doing. His usual m.o. is to tweet something. Tweets are like catnip to the media – they can’t resist.

For example, last week he tweeted about voter fraud which dominated the morning news. Instead of focusing on the executive order of the previous day regarding regulatory streamlining, the media spent its time trying to prove a negative (there is no voter fraud), which is, of course, impossible. Even if one could prove it, it doesn’t matter as it won’t change anything in the US. However, freezing and rolling back EPA and Agriculture regulation can change quite a bit.

Eventually the media will (hopefully) figure this out and focus on the right things. After all, they are supposed to be professional skeptics. But for the time being, Donald the Illusionist is making them look like rubes.