#DrainTheSwamp 2.0

Donald Trump got quite a bit of political mileage over the corruption and incompetence of the politicians in Washington DC. Real or imagined, it hit a nerve with the public and his Drain The Swamp Twitter hashtag proved very popular. Even after he was elected, he used it to shame the Republican congress into not gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Trump himself is Teflon. He has been associated with swampy behavior, but nothing sticks to him (so far). It will be interesting to see if that holds true for his team. His cabinet appointees, especially those from the private sector, may find that the Washington microscope is particularly good at ferreting out slimy, swampy actions. And since Trump is invincible, there will be all the more incentive for the press, etc. to go after his surrogates.

It will be ironic if Trumps opponents are successful in turning a 2.0 version of Drain The Swamp against him.