Politicians’ Conflicts of Interest

Do the media and the Democrats really think they have much of a chance attacking President-elect Donald Trump and his nominees on conflict of interest grounds? Trump made it very clear during his campaign that he was going to operate by his own rules. He also made it clear that he was going to act in his own best interests commercially even after he was president.

The voters did not seem to mind. Why should they? Most voters think all politicians are corrupt anyway. There was a brief period of the ‘altruistic politician’ in the 1970s, but that pretty much ended with Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

Trump is actually very smart about this. Instead of trying to hide the fact that he and his appointees are enriching themselves off of their new positions, he is just telling everyone from the get go that this is what they will do, defusing any potential scandal. The media and their opponents can sound the alarm, but really all the story will be about is that the administration is behaving the way it said it would.