Trump Presidency = Executive Power

If Donald Trump wins the election next week, the two words that will sum up his presidency will be “executive power”. Trump may ask Congress for approval for what he wants to do, but my guess is that he will ask for the approval after he has already done it using his executive powers.

In his career, Trump has always been the sole decision maker (at least since his Daddy stopped being involved). His campaign for the presidency has been more of the same – he says what he feels like saying when he feels like saying it. It does not matter if he does not agree with his vice presidential running mate or his campaign staff.

There is no reason to expect he will suddenly become a different kind of manager once he becomes president. He will push the limits of executive power like the country has not seen before. Before a year goes by, there will be a case in front of the Supreme Court challenging his use of these powers.

Even if the Republicans maintain control of the House and the Senate, Trump will not find it easy to get his way. Congress is going to be upset with his use of executive power, and Paul Ryan, unlike Ted Cruz, may just put principal before politics and push back on Trump’s interpretation of what the Constitution lets him do. Of course, Paul Ryan might not keep his job, but that is another story.