Trump Wonders Why It Isn’t Working Anymore

Donald Trump must be perplexed. The techniques that made him a successful reality TV star and won him the Republican nomination are not working anymore. He doubles down on them and it makes things worse, not better.

Trump got where he is by being brash and outspoken, saying whatever he felt, even when it was politically incorrect. Even voters that didn’t support him appreciated his bluntness. Unfortunately for him, he has conditioned people – and the press – to tune out anything he says that is not outrageous.

So when he makes a serious speech about what he will do in the first 100 days of his administration, all people hear is an aside about suing his female accusers. He shouts out that the “election is rigged” and then notes that Barack Obama also spoke about election fraud in 2008, but all anyone hears is the first part.

The unfortunate truth for Donald Trump is that he has become an Alec Baldwin caricature of himself. The outlandish things he says to get his points across are all we pay attention to anymore – the points themselves fall by the wayside. He has no one to blame but himself for this, but he probably does not understand this, and even if he did it would not make him feel any better about it nor would he accept responsibility.