Trump’s Fraud Factor

It has been three weeks since the conventions and despite numerous ‘gaffes’ by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is less than 10 points ahead of him in the polls. He and his party have done such a good job of painting her as Crooked Hillary that she really has no chance of pulling his supporters over to her side. Her best hope is that they stay home on election day.

The best way for that happen is to make Trump’s supporters disillusioned. Make them think that he is a fraud and not really representing their interests. And it cannot be the Democrats with this message – it has to be a third party, preferably a Trump supporter or expected Trump supporter or a Wikileaks.

How to show that Trump is a fraud? Demonstrating that he does not pay taxes like you and me is one way. But Trump will not release his tax returns, so that will be difficult. Maybe Hillary can ask Russia to hack Trump’s accounting firm to get his tax returns – no, I don’t think that will work.

How else? Well, Hillary’s team will have to study up on con artists and see what works against them. Conald Trump is appealing to the gut, Hillary is appealing to the mind. If she wants to make Trump supporters disillusioned her team will have to work on his fraud factor and find something that punches his supporters in the gut.