GOP Convention Chaos

Newsflash – lots of chaos at the GOP convention. It is not turning out to be a scripted affair after all.

Duh oh

Donald Trump is riding a winning horse – why would he want to change it?

A huge part of his appeal is that he is unscripted. It works. It gets him tons of free media coverage. It lets regular folks identify with him. He is the guy with FU money that can say whatever he wants whenever he wants. The guy we all wish we were, if only we didn’t have to hold down two jobs to pay the rent/mortgage and have enough left over for a few weeks a year in Florida.

Can you imagine a scripted Donald Trump? One where the media has to manufacture controversy? It is almost impossible – as it should be.

Donald Trump will never win the presidency by playing the sedate statesman. His turf is chaos and spontaneity. And since it is his nomination, that is what the Republican convention and the rest of his campaign will show America.