Getting It Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Here’s an interesting graphic. It is basically saying that people searching for Bernie Sanders on Google end up clicking through to his official website more often than searchers for any other candidate. Searches relating to Sanders end up on his official site 4% of the time. The next closest is Trump, but he is far behind Sanders – searches about Trump only end up on his web site about half as often, or 2.3% of the time.


Why do more of the people interested in Bernie Sanders follow through and actually go to his website?

Maybe they can’t find enough info in the press so they have to go to his website to see what he is up to. Or maybe they are more wonkish, and actually care to read his positions on various issues. (But that would imply that Trump’s supporters are the second most wonkish. Hmm..)

Maybe they want to donate to him and find his site through Google. Sanders gets a high proportion of his funds through small donations.

It is probably a combination of these and other factors. In any event, you’ve gotta feel for some of the other candidates. They spent a lot of money on their web sites but they don’t seem to be getting much use.

The graphic, BTW, is from this site, a company that is analyzing search behavior.