2016 Winners and Losers v1

Who are the winners and losers in the 2016 presidential race?

As of early April 2016, here’s what we see


Trump: No matter what happens, he has already won hugely. He just put another few billion dollars onto the value of his brand.

Cruz: His peers think he’s a jerk, but they’re holding their noses and lining up behind him to stop Trump. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Kasich: Who ever thunk he’d still be around? Maybe he even becomes the new poster child of moderate Republicans

Bernie: Yeah it’s Quixotic, but hey, he’s having big time influence. Besides, who else is gonna mobilize the angry Democrats?

Carson: Should have a nice future on the lecture circuit


Bush: Wow, that didn’t take long. Complete flame out. The good news is that Pops and Mummsy don’t have to keep watching him get skewered for another six months.

Rubio: At least he hung around longer than Bush. But what a tanking in Florida. Is he starting to regret leaving the Senate?

Carly: Maybe she should try to run for an office that she can actually win, like school board.