The new realities

Here’s what I want to know about the new realities, virtual and augmented. Particularly augmented. If I have one of these headsets, why would I bother taking up a wall of my living room with a large television? I could put this headset on, wave my fingers around and viola! virtual 90 inch television wherever I want it.

If there were several of us watching there would never be a fight over the remote. We could all sit in the same room and watch the same or different shows together, skip back and forth DVR style, etc. One of us could be watching split screen, the other with subtitles.

Meanwhile TV technology gets cheaper and better. But is it doomed? Do TV’s go the way of stereo systems? Who has a high quality stereo anymore? Everyone listens to music on earbuds or a Bluetooth speaker. The sound is OK, but nothing like a high end audio system. Still, no one seems to care.

Maybe TV technology ends up being re-purposed to more of a background player vs. the focus of our attention. Framed, a TV could be art that changes depending on the mood it senses from your wearable. Or you build one into your room to get a window where a physical one is impossible, like on an inside wall. A camera outside and a large TV on the wall would give you a real time ‘window’ wherever you wanted one.