Putin’s Pooch: Biden Bite Back #106

The word on the street is that Donald Trump is looking for a new nickname for Joe Biden. He thinks that ‘Sleepy Joe’ is losing its effectiveness.

Biden should preempt this move. He could simply announce: “I’d rather be Sleepy Joe than Putin’s Pooch.”


Biden Bite Back #102

Donald Trump has nicknames for everyone. Joe Biden is Sleepy Joe. Biden started calling Trump a clown, but one can’t use ‘clown’ all the time.

There is another nickname that Biden could use that would probably irritate Trump more than clown: third grade Donny. As in the guy who engages in third grade name calling. And a president who is not top level or even second level, but third grade.

It is pretty good bet that Trump hates being called Donny as well.

Let’s see if Biden can get creative.