Fake News Transcript

Has anyone noticed that the ‘transcript’ of Donald Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president was ‘rough’ and not necessarily the actual word for word conversation? (Probably because the word for word conversation reflected even worse on Trump.)

Has anyone accused Trump of publishing fake news with the transcript?

That’s what it is, isn’t it?

Fake News Wins

Donald Trump has won the battle of fake news. The battle wasn’t to get the media to publish ‘truthful’ news. The battle was to give Trump’s supporters a justification for ignoring any news Trump doesn’t like, truthful or not.

Recent polls show that 85% of Trump’s supporters believe that the media is rife with fake news when it comes to Trump. In fact, 45% of the general population believes the same. Trump has effectively armored himself against anything the mainstream media can throw at him.

The battle is over.