Don’t Bank on Trump

Yesterday the bankers who lent money to Trump Inc. resigned, or more likely, were allowed to resign. The bank they worked for has not enjoyed the spotlight that comes with financing Trump. It will probably jettison him as a client as soon as possible (he still owes the bank over $300 million).

There probably aren’t any other mainstream banks that want anything to do with Trump’s businesses. So he will have to look for other sources of financing. Most likely private investors and/or banks from countries in the Middle East, Russia and China. Lenders that will be pleased to have Trump owe them big money.

Especially if he or his kids stay in politics. And don’t look to closely at how the money was laundered sourced.

Biden Bite Back #103

During the election campaign, Donald Trump is sure to accuse Joe Biden (and his son Hunter) of corrupt business dealings. Biden can try to deny and defend, but he would be better off adopting Trump’s tactics: go on the offensive.

“All of the information about me (and Hunter) is public – look at it,” Biden can retort. “But with Trump, who knows where the money behind his projects really comes from? He won’t say. He’s friendly with the Russians. His bankers are being investigated for money laundering. Maybe that’s why he has something to hide.”