Trump, Xi = Win, Win

Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping will be having dinner this weekend to talk about trade. There has been a lot of speculation about the outcome, but one thing is for certain. Both will declare a win.

Xi has several things going for him. One is that his country makes many of the things Trump’s country needs and has no other supplier for. Also, he’s a better negotiator than Trump. Finally, Xi knows that Trump can be bought off by making nice to his family business, Trump Inc.

That is not to say that Xi won’t give Trump a tidbit he can use to declare victory. In fact, that’s a very likely scenario. The Chinese culture understands the value of saving face.

But once the outcome of their meeting is analyzed, it will probably be clear that Trump didn’t get much. Outcome analysis is another Xi advantage. He has the Chinese state press to sell a biased but thoughtful analysis of how he won to his country.

Thoughtful analysis is not Trump’s specialty. Slogans and tweets are his communication style. He’ll have plenty after the meeting, all designed to forestall any detailed analysis. Because if you think about it, thinking about it generally doesn’t work in Trump’s favor.

Ivanka Might Have Stepped In It, Big Time

Back in the spring of 2018, the US imposed sanctions on a Chinese electronics firm for stealing technology. The sanctions were about to put the company out of business when Donald Trump gave it a lifeline. The company was exempted from sanctions because “Too many jobs in China (would be) lost.”

It isn’t clear why the Democrats didn’t jump on this during the midterm election campaign. Maybe they thought that the job market was so robust that no one would really care that Trump was putting Chinese workers ahead of US intellectual property holders. It was clearly a China first, not America first, move, but Trump seemed to be getting away with it.

Coincidentally, a few days before Trump spared the Chinese company, the Chinese government granted Ivanka Trump some important and valuable trademarks. It smelledĀ  fishy, but there was no smoking gun.

Last week, however, it was revealed that Ivanka was channeling her inner Hillary and using her personal email account for government business.

Now that the Democrats control the House and can launch investigations, it is a good bet they will subpoena Ivanka’s mails and more details will come out. Unlike Hillary, she doesn’t run her own server in her basement, so it will be hard for her to delete all the evidence. Lock her up?