Who Won The Kushner Pardon Pool?

Did anyone start a pool? The question was not whether Donald Trump would pardon Charles Kushner, but when it would happen. This was noted a few months into Donald Trump’s presidency – just sayin’.

Jared Kushner may be Jewish, but one can assume that he and his father will enjoy this Christmas present anyway.

You Lying Son-of-a-Law

Lost in the daily insanity of news out of Washington is the fact that Jared Kushner has made a habit of lying to the government. Over the past three years his company filed false documents with the city of New York over 80 times.

Jared¬† was trained by his father Charles Kushner, who, by the way, was convicted of crimes so serious that he actually spent over a year in jail. Here’s an example of the kind of people the Kushners are. Charles was pissed off at his sister’s husband for testifying against him, so he hired a hooker to seduce the brother in law and video taped the tryst to show it to his sister. What a guy.

This is the kind of family that Donald Trump’s daughter married into. High society swamp dwellers. Trump obviously approves, because he gave Jared top secret security clearance and made him a “Senior Advisor”.¬† Kushner is supposed to come up with a peace plan for the Middle East, but don’t be surprised if some of the parties don’t trust him and it fails. Like father, like son, like father-in-law.