The Mitch and Joe Show

Chuck Schumer may be the new majority leader of the Senate, but when it really comes down to cutting deals on the big things it is probably going to be Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell that do the tango.

It’s not that Schumer’s a wallflower or irrelevent. He’ll be running 90%+ of the show. But Schumer is new in the role and has two handicaps: ambition and resentment at McConnell and the Republicans. McConnell doesn’t have either of these. He’s 78 and was just elected to another, and probably final, six year term. A mastermind of Senate rules and politics, he has nothing to prove and can operate with dispassionate effectiveness.

Biden is operating from the same place as McConnell. They are the same age and Biden has also reached the top of his ambition. He spent enough time in the Senate – as a senator and as Obama’s emissary there – to know what’s what. If something really difficult comes up, the two of them are going to be the dealmakers.

McConnell’s one distraction is Donald Trump. Trump scared the crap out of him with his insurrection antics. At a minimum, McConnell would like to keep Trump from performing a second act. What he really wants is to remove Trumpism from the Republican party and get it back to where it was before the tea party took it over.

Who knows, maybe Biden will help him.

Biden’s First @POTUS Tweet

In about a week, Twitter will unlock the US President’s @POTUS account and turn it over to Joe Biden. What will he say?

Twitter kicked Donald Trump off its platform last week. His personal @realDonaldTrump account went first, @POTUS soon after. Biden gets @POTUS with a fresh start.

Biden will have 240 characters to get his message across. That is the length of the first two paragraphs of this post. But Biden shouldn’t need that much in his first tweet. In fact, he could get by with only one character:


Any other ideas about what he should tweet?

Flags For Biden?

It is time for Democrats to jump on the American flag bandwagon. For many years, it was mostly conservatives openly flying the flag. Joe Biden should call for all Americans to fly the flag as show of unity.

Democrats started to loose the flag in the 1960’s, when Vietnam war protesters defaced it and burned it. Somehow the right to deface the country’s flag became a free speech cause célèbre.

How could this be a winning issue? Liberal America clearly lost the plot.

What a better way for Biden to bring the country together than to make flying the flag a symbol of his new predidency?

Dying for Trump

Even if Joe Biden wins the presidency it will not negate the fact that more than 45% of the country is firmly in Donald Trump’s camp. And by firmly, I mean ready to die for him.

Trump held rallies in states with significant corona virus outbreaks. His supporters came to these rallies knowing they could be infected, and many of them did get sick. Some of them died. They figured it was worth the risk to cheer their hero on.

You would be hard pressed to find any Biden supporters that would risk a hangnail to cheer him on, never mind a deadly disease. Even Bernie Sanders’ supporters wouldn’t risk their health.

Say what you want about Trump, but he stirs a deep passion in his supporters.As long as they are only dangerous to themselves, things should be fine.

Trump’s Legal $$

So far, Donald Trump has been sending out emails to raise money for his campaign. Election day is today – the campaign is over, but the fight is not.

The legal struggle is next, as Trump’s lawyers try to invalidate votes for Joe Biden. This will cost money – lawyers don’t work for free, especially Trump’s lawyers.

The question is not whether Trump will hit up his supporters for legal fees – that is almost certain. The question is how much they will cough up.

It’s a good thing that Trump’s a billionaire.

Biden Bite Back #111

How come Joe Biden doesn’t give the right wing Christians a hard time over Donald Trump’s covid approach? Especially Trump’s attitude toward masks. Mask don’t protect the person wearing them, they protect the people near the mask wearers.

Bay holding rallies without a mask requirement, isn’t Trump inviting his supporters to get other people sick? Is that really the Christian thing to do?

The Third Debate – WHY?!

What is the upside for Joe Biden in showing up for the ‘third’ debate next week? The best outcome for him is that Donald Trump goes off the rails again. But Trump is smart enough to tone it down, so that is not likely. Even if it does, Trump already did the damage to himself in the first debate. How more can he do?

More likely is that Biden makes a gaffe or loses his cool. Trump will hammer false stories on Hunter Biden to trigger Biden’s temper. He will lie about his COVID strategy. He will lie about his environmental record as well as Obama’s. Biden will get frustrated at trying to correct the lies and lash out. And then he will look as bad a Trump.

Is Biden that much of a risk taker that he needs the debate?

Trump’s Family Affair: Biden Bite Back #110

Do you remember applying for your first job and needing a reference? You had to ask your family or close friends to vouch for you.

Why isn’t Joe Biden pointing out that Donald Trump is in the same place?

If you’re on Trump’s mailing list you are receiving at least a dozen emails a day during this election season. A good portion of them are from Trump’s family – Eric Trump, Don Trump Jr., Lara Trump. Same with the speakers at the Republican convention – there were six “featured” speakers named Trump or dating one of them.

Just another opportunity that Biden’s team is frittering away.

Handling the Truth: Biden Bite Back #109

Most presidential campaigns generate a memorable one-liner. “Where’s the beef?”  “There you go again.”  “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Donald Trump uses nicknames instead of clever one-liners. Crooked Hillary. Sleepy Joe. Joe Biden can try a nickname on Trump, but he probably won’t. But he could come up with a one-liner. Why not call out Trump’s tendency to play fast and loose with the facts?

If someone asks him about one of Trump’s lies, Biden can simply respond, “He can’t handle the truth.”  If pressed he can add, “That’s why there’s few good men working for him.”