GOP ❤ Trump. Why?

One thing that is consistent in poll after poll: Donald Trump’s support among Republicans rarely drifts below 90%. The media reports this religiously. However, the media never reports on why.

Trump’s lowest approval rating from Republicans was about six months into his presidency, when it hit the high 70s several times. But that was it. Ever since he has been at at least 85%, usually above 90%.

The media talks about Trump playing to his base. But it appears that Trump’s ‘base’ is nearly every Republican. There are a few anti-Trump Republicans who are getting a lot of press, but they are clearly a very small minority.

Instead of focusing on them, it would be better if the media analyzed Trump’s support. It seems like the more Trump is attacked, the higher his ratings among Republicans. His opponents cannot understand how he can, in their view, mismanage things so badly and yet increase his support.

The media failed hugely in understanding and reporting on Trump’s support 4 years ago. It looks like it is on track to repeat the same mistake this year. No wonder they have a bad rap.

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